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PROBLEM: The client has recently renovated a room (new floors/walls/lights) that needs to serve double duty. The space will become a cross between a home office, bar, and entertaining space. The requests were as follows:

1. Plenty of storage for books, papers, and various other elements.

2. A desk that doesn’t look like a desk. It should be on the tall side so one could pull a stool up to it and feel like you’re at a bar. Hence no desk chair as one would normally think. This high desk/bar should also allow people, when seated, to look out through the back windows and enjoy the view.

3. The room should easily be able to transition from work space to entertainment space.

So this is what I’ve come up with…






A few things to highlight are: The red credenza. This aged deep red cabinet will serve as both an anchor to the room and as easily accessible storage. Adding a large black and white photograph in a gold frame compliments this deep red color instantly adding richness to the room. The two white book cases that flank the cabinet are perfect for storing and displaying just about anything and have tons of space. The two leather club chairs and small red and black cocktail table give this room some comfort and help it feel much more relaxed than any office would ever feel. The gray chevron patterned rug adds a strong contrast to the warm but heavy colored hardwood flooring and immediately brings a sense of lightness to the room. The desk against the back windows is tall and narrow, in fact it would be considered more of a sofa table that I’ve repurposed to serve in this space. The tall height means you can stand and work, or sit in the old-school draftsman stools and have a cocktail or two. The clients already had a vintage wooden refrigerator that was easily incorporated into the space and can serve as additional storage. The two gold starburst mirrors on either side of the desk/bar help to accentuate the warm tones throughout, as well as adding addition reflective light to the room. And finally a pair of dark drapes not only contrast the warm tones of the various woods in the room, but they also serve the practical purpose of blocking out any unwanted light while you are working.

And here is some additional info on some of the pieces used in this redo:

WHITE SHELVING UNIT, from West Elm, $899


LEATHER CLUB CHAIRS, from Homeware, $559

CHEVRON RUG, from Pottery Barn Kids, $499

RED CABINET/CONSOLE, from Pottery Barn, $1,099

RUSTIC STORAGE DESK, from West Elm, $499


Business Meets Pleasure

Most people have a place in their home dedicated to paperwork, bills, or record keeping (is that still a thing?). Actually, most people SHOULD have that. In reality I’m guessing most people don’t. We do our bills in the kitchen or dining room, maybe at work or in bed, pretty much wherever we can spread out a little. And that’s when things start to get messy. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a little corner somewhere in your home to keep the important paper work so it doesn’t get lost in the daily rubble of junk mail and credit card offers?

I know what you’re thinking — “That’s great but I don’t have enough space in my home for another desk just for bills and papers.”—I get it. What if I told you you could not only keep your bills safe, but also your booze! BINGO! SOLD! SIGN ME UP!

Look at this great little Patchwork Secretary from West Elm.




This piece is not that large, only about 49″ tall and long X 20″ deep, not too big at all. It is however, awesome! It truly is business meeting pleasure, just be careful they don’t meet too often or your finances will be in big trouble!

Now for the bad news. The bar/desk is currently selling for $1,400!!!!! Yowsers! West Elm carries a whole line of this Patchwork style with different colored wood panels on the facade of different pieces of furniture. A very trendy modern look that may not be for everyone, but certainly is for me. There’s a dresser, armoire, nightstand, and secretary also available in this same style. But again, they are not cheap by any means. However, West Elm is always running sales and discounts, so if you hit it at the right time it could be worth the splurge!