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Decals, decals, decals

If you would have told me a few years ago that hanging a wall decal in your living room was a good idea, I probably would have said “SURE BUDDY, YOU DO THAT!” In my defense, the only wall decals I had seen up to that point were those FAT HEAD sports decals for kids rooms and man caves. Not exactly high style.

But recently I have seen more and more designer wall decals. They come in many sizes and a wide range of prices. This is the perfect solution for those of us who have a large empty wall and lack the coordination and skills it takes to cover it with photos and paintings that are all perfectly level. How many times have I tried to align a group of photos only to get to the last one and realize they’re are all misaligned? Or on the flip side, how many times have I tried to make photo frames look scattered and random on a wall only to discover that it just looks messy and all together wrong?

Here are a few ideas that can work for larger walls.

CHERRY BLOSSOM from You can customize the color of the blossoms and the branches as well as choose which size you want (starting at $35).



BIRDS ON A WIRE also from ($25-$75).



Keeping with the birds, TARGET offers this affordable option for about $15.



DANDELION BLOWING IN THE WIND is a very cool option from dalidecals, especially on a dark wall. And like many of the other sites you can customize the decal for your color scheme.
The extra large size of this is only about $65.



The good thing about all these decals is that they are affordable. If you hang one up and decide you don’t like it anymore, you can just peel it off and replace it with another!

Note: I would probably not suggest these decals, or any decal really, for smaller walls less than 8 feet or so in width. It may end up looking like you forced something into that space that wasn’t needed. For smaller walls stick to paintings, prints, and photographs that are appropriately sized.


Danish anyone?

Recently I saw a pair of danish modern ‘Z’ chairs on an estate sale website (see the image below) and began thinking about this timeless design.


As of late Danish modern furniture has become very popular. I see chairs like this in virtually every magazine and interior design book I pick up lately, and with good reason. Their classic design is both modern and retro. They are usually very well built, easy to reupholster, and come in several types of wood and colors, making these chairs highly compatible with any home decor.

It wasn’t so long ago that if you saw Danish Mod furniture in someone’s home you’d think it’s time for a makeover. But times have changed, and like fashion, interior design is somewhat cyclical.

The good news is many pieces of Danish furniture can still be had at a pretty low cost. I recently picked up a teak Gunlocke chair (see image below) at a flea market for less than $50. The chair is in great shape, still as sturdy as the day it was built!


And if you can’t find the right chair for you at the local flea market or consignment shop, a quick search on eBay reveals tons of affordable options. Sure, there’s some high price seating in here as well, but mixed in are a lot of great bargain chairs!

The Arco Floor Lamp…almost

One of my favorite lighting ideas is to create height in a room with arching floor lamps. Many people think of lighting as a static thing, 2 table lamps on either side of the couch and maybe a floor lamp in the corner, maybe! But the arching floor lamp can really bring a room together by utilizing space that would otherwise be ‘dead air’ or empty. Not only does the arch lamp look modern and stylish, but it is also quite practical. The arm has such a large overhang that it could be considered a reading lamp.

The original, created in 1962, would cost thousands today, but luckily there are several knock-off options that are available and easy on the wallet. Here’s a few below:



SEARS (yes Sears!)