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Hang Your Head – UPDATE

I stumbled on this great article from theFIX, the blog part of It’s about how to use antlers and faux animal heads in your home. Check it out, there’s some good info here especially if you liked my previous post Hang Your Head. Faux animal heads are a very popular trend right now and the look can be had quite cheaply. Which is good, because like most trends you’ll probably want to change it soon enough anyway!


If you’re not familiar with MY HABBIT check out their website. It’s not just home decor they sell. Similar to One Kings Lane and Joss & Main, they have weekly/daily deals on all kinds of designer products. And if you’re worried about not being familiar enough with My Habit to actually buy something, don’t be. They are owned by I believe.

Denim Don’t


WOW! Who the hell designed this thing, Levi Strauss (I’m here all week folks)?
And let the insults begin:

1. It looks like it smells like patchouli.
2. Does this couch make my ass look big?
3. I just want to cuddle up on my sofa with a good book and 300 yards of denim.
4. You know what this couch is missing? An elastic pocket…oh wait, there is one!
5. This costs $2,389. No really, it does. That’s not a joke.
6. Made from 100% recycled mom jeans.
7. Machine dry, low tumble.
8. Dude, your sofa’s zipper is down, I can see it’s lumbar support!
9. How many times have you said to yourself,
“You know what this room is missing? A denim couch!”
10. Does this sofa come in a button fly?

This beauty is brought to you courtesy of Dot&Bo, which usually has some very nice decor. But today they got it all wrong, and I thank them for it. And by the way, it really does sell for $2,389. So how many can I put you down for?

Here’s a little extra credit for another $750, enjoy: