Goldiloks And The Three Frames?

You can usually tell who hung something on a wall by the height at which it was hung. Tall people hang pictures, mirrors, etc very high on the wall close to the ceiling. A real no no for me. Short people tend to hang things too low on the wall so you’re almost walking into them.¬†As for myself I am not particularly tall, ok I’m short, but I am the ideal height to hang things! At 5 foot 8 inches I am just about the average height of men and woman in America (woman average around 5’4″ and men 5’10”).

The most important thing to remember when hanging anything on the wall is EYE LEVEL. If you’re not sure how high something should be hung just think about the average person’s eye level. So for you tall folks, sorry, you’re gonna have to bring it down a few inches. And likewise for us shorties, we have to raise things up a bit.

Take a look at the drawing below and use it as a guide next time you are hanging that portrait of Aunt Louise and Uncle Ichabod.


With the basic eye level rule of thumb you really can’t go wrong.

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