Adding Light with Dark


I’ve seen this lamp a lot recently and I really like it! It’s has a distinctly modern feel in it’s acrylic build, but maintains a classical style with it’s baroque-esque shape. In other words, it can fit into any interior style no matter what.

The price range is all over the place from $89 to $200 plus! A quick search on Google and you’ll see tons of places to purchase it from, including some you really wouldn’t think of! I found this one at Home Depot¬†for $96. I usually don’t like the lighting choices at the large box stores, at least not form what I see IN the store, but online is a different story. They have many more options that the physical store just can’t carry I guess.

The lamp comes in a few different colors but black is my favorite. There is also a translucent black version that looks really cool! It has just enough transparency to make it some how feel completely different from the solid black one.


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