No Butts About It! – or – Ashes to Ashes, Butts to Butts



What was the first thing that came to mind? Dirty? Smelly? Gross? Ashtrays have long been used for both their function and their decorative look. From the greasy spoon diner type made of cheap porcelain, to the fanciest gold-leafed French stand style, these little pieces of Tobacciana (fancy word for all things having to do with smoking) are being used less and less today. And with less people smoking most homes don’t have any ashtray at all.

What this has left us with is a wide range of ashtrays on the open market, and they’re cheap. Real cheap! But just as important as being cheap is their decorative function. Who says you HAVE to use the ashtray for it’s original purpose? How about just using it as a purely decorative object? Their shape and size make them great pieces to add to any table, ottoman, or shelf. And there are literally thousands of different choices and styles. If you take a walk through your local flea market you’ll see dozens of them laying around for next to nothing. Granted, many of them are ‘tchotchke‘ type with “Welcome To Reno” written on them, or made in the shape of King Kong. But a little searching and you’ll definitely find a few that are just right for your home.

Take a look at some that I found today:

Colored glass ashtrays are wonderful because, well, they add color to your room. Ashtrays are great as accent pieces and this Amber colored orange ashtray for $14, which I found on rubylane, is no exception. Great price for a 60’s piece of smoking history.


Here is a glass ashtray for $49 from BigAshtray. They are very retro-mod, 60’s-70’s. The blue cobalt color is very popular right now and they have 3 available. These would look great as a set in one place or scattered about a room to tie in together.


Back in the day (whenever that was) ashtrays were sometimes built as their own ‘stand’ alone pieces of furniture. I found this ashtray stand available on OVERSTOCK for $69. It’s perfect to add to the corner of a room and fill up that small bit of space that’s been missing something. And as a bonus it can act as a little table/shelf too!


Here’s one I found on Wayfair. It’s a bit expensive ($108) but very sleek and modern. Über Kool!


What? You don’t have $108 to blow on an ashtray you say? How about this similar but much cheaper option from ivgStores for $29? Same sleek design, almost, and 1/4th the cost so your money won’t go up in smoke (boooooo).

IvgStore ashtray

So do some research and see what you can find. Take a look at this link to the ebay listings of ashtrays. There’s something here for everyone and in every price range, even the ‘Welcome to Reno” crowd!


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