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Finding the right objet d’art¬†(snooty word for piece of art) for a room can be tough. I recently redesigned my family room and found myself wondering what sort of objects I could find to fill it with. Well, fill isn’t the right word. I’m not one for overloading spaces with ‘things’ for ‘things’ sake, not on purpose anyway!

The room has a certain mid-century-modern look to it so I knew I wanted a couple things keeping with that time period. My wife and I headed to a local flea market not exactly sure what we were looking for. We didn’t want to spend a lot on whatever it was, that much we knew. We looked at old retro fans, cool (no pun intended) but not quite unique enough. We saw a bunch of old Bakelite radios. They were nice and certainly keeping with the period, but all of them had their own flaws which were too big to overcome, cracks, stains, missing knobs.

Finally, after walking around a bit we stumbled on the perfect fit. It wasn’t too big, wasn’t too small (Goldiloks¬†again?), it was just PERFECT! As my wife stopped for a bathroom break I found myself leaning against the wall waiting for her when I saw it. Sitting way up on top of an old corner cabinet, almost touching the ceiling, was this brown leathery box that had a definite 50’s-60’s vibe. It looked like a camera case of some sort but was much too large for any point and shoot I’ve ever seen. Then sitting next to the case, but slightly behind it I saw the projector.

At first I didn’t know what it was. I just saw the industrial looking piece of machinery but couldn’t tell right away that it was a 16mm projector. I asked the ‘shopkeeper’ if he could get it down off the cabinet so I could get a closer look. Once he brought it down I knew for sure I had to have it. It was as if someone had polished and shined this baby just for me! Unfortunately, my wife and I have a bad habit of always picking out the most expensive things, certainly not on purpose and not because we have such a refined taste and eye for high quality. It just always seems to be that way. So when I asked the ‘shopkeeper’ how much the projector was, expecting him to say $150 . . . $200 . . . $250, I was thrilled when he said thirty-five bucks!!! SOLD! I think that works out to be about a buck a pound judging by the weight on this thing! But it is the perfect objet d’art for my home.



So when it’s time for you to pick some new items or objet d’art for your home, try to think a little outside the box. Try repurposing things or displaying them in a different context than what they were originally intended for. Think retro if your place is traditional, think modern if your style is country, think 80’s if your place is . . . well . . . there’s never really a time to think 80’s. But you get the idea!

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  1. steve Post author

    So if you saw our post in our Facebook page and the photo that went along with it you may be wondering what those things were? Well, they were used to rewind spools of 16mm film that went along with this projector. You would screw one of those ‘rewinders’ to one end of a board, and the other one to the opposite side of the board. Then you load your spools on both sides and start cranking! Also, they make great little accent pieces to go along with the big guy above!



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