For the Birds!

I just flew back from D.C. and boy are my arms tired (ba-Dum-dum). Today’s post is for the birds, or about them at least. When I was in Washington my wife and I headed to Georgetown and did a little window shopping on M Street. If you haven’t been to D.C., or Georgetown more specifically, go. Take a cab and tell the driver to drop you off at M Street and 31st Street NW. The street is lined with small’ish shops that really specialize in interior design. There are lots of other stores on this strip, but we were most interested in the home decor shops.


You can spend several hours shopping up and down M Street and there are items for every budget, which we REALLY liked! Everything from $6 bud vases at CB2 (Crate & Barrel’s sister store) to high end Eames Lounge chairs for $4,000+ at Design Within Reach can be had on these few blocks. Scattered between the shops are lots of great restaurants and bars, and the waterfront is just a couple blocks away as well. So if you are traveling and/or shopping with someone who thinks Herman Miller was the guy that played Herman Munster on TV, don’t worry. There’s something for everyone to do.


I picked up these 3 birds below at CB2 for about $17 total!


The larger bird is called georges bird and is $6.95. The two smaller birds are zaza birds and are only $4.95 each. These three guys are going to live somewhere in my home, I’m just not sure where yet. The good thing about them is they can go almost anywhere, either together or apart. Much like the ashtrays I talked about last week, these guys make a nice set of three to spread about a room and help tie it together, or cluster them as one stand alone ‘piece’.

I notice often times when people buy home decor accessories they only buy one item at a time and then try to find a place for it. The advantage of buying several of the same, or at least similar, objects is that they don’t need to match anything in your home already because they match each other! This is a good thing to think about next time you buy a vase, or candle holder, or pillow, or Andy Griffith commemorative plate, if that’s you style!





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