Happy Endings

Bookends are awesome. Not only do they serve an actual purpose, assuming you have books, but they make a great little design touch to your shelves, desks, tables, or where ever you place them. While they are meant to keep books standing upright, they can certainly be used as purely decorative pieces, or to hold up other things like record albums.

They’ve come a long way, from the very basic design . . .


to the most elaborate . . .


from the kitschy . . .


to the fishy . . .


(yeah, yeah, I know a whale is a mammal not fish)

to the fishy AND kitschy . . .


to whatever this is . . .

Book Ends 3


Well you get the point, there’s a bookend for every one out there no matter what your style is.

Check out this site for some really cool and simple designs. It’s called Knob Creek Metal Arts¬†and they have some very unique bookends. Their other items are worth checking out, clocks, garden decor etc, but their bookends are where it’s at! Here’s a few of my favorites:





They have a lot more options and each set runs about $60, but their simple designs combined with the little stories they each tell are a great deal! And remember, use bookends like you would any accessory in your home. Don’t have actual bookshelves, try putting them on an end table. Don’t have an end table, try putting them on a counter in your bathroom or kitchen. Don’t have a bathroom or kitchen . . . then maybe don’t spend $60 on bookends!

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