Chair-y Picking!

If I had to pick one chair and one chair only to sit in for the rest of my life it would be the classic Eames Lounge Chair from Herman Miller.


Of course if money wasn’t a concern I’d already have this chair, but at $4500 it’s a bit more than I can afford right now! But fret not for my bottom, as there are plenty of knock-offs and similar designs for a fraction of the price.

Here is an option from Modern In Designs for $995. It looks almost identical to the real thing and you get free shipping!

Soma Classics has essentially the same deal for $989 also with free shipping. This Eames knock-off is made by Modway Furniture which sells several other copy cat styles so check them out.

You can find deals all over the internet for around $900, some a little more some a little less. Just be sure to do your research on the maker before you buy. Always read customer reviews to make certain you’re not being taken advantage of and to be sure the quality is somewhat reliable. However, there really is no substitute for the original, but if you absolutely need to have the Eames Lounger and can’t afford the $4500 price tag, this is a suitable substitution. Just don’t expect it to be the same high quality as Eames.

That being said, a little birdy told me that there will be a sale in Novemeber, 15% off Herman Miller items at Design Within Reach! That would knock the price down to about $3825. I spent thirty-eight hundred sounds so much better than I spent over forty-five-hundred dollars on this chair, doesn’t it? Now I just have to get my wife to see it that way too!!!


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