I Pity the Foo!


I got a great deal this past weekend on a pair of Jonathan Adler Foo Dog lamps from the JC Penny home store. The website has them on sale right now for $45 each, but in the store they were marked as $37 each. And as a bonus they left the light bulbs in them!!!

These lamps are perfect for your bedside (which is where I will be using them) or on a sofa table, buffet cabinet, end tables, well pretty much anywhere. And, if you’re really in to Buddhism you should definitely buy a pair of them and not just one lamp. Foo dogs are always found in pairs in the Buddhist faith. Foo dogs (also spelled Fu) are the guardians of Buddhist temples and Chinese palaces. In fact, Foo/Fu means Buddha. They were originally made to act as lions would, but since lions are not native to China, they were modeled after native dogs like the Chow Chow. Hence their somewhat gargoyle-ian features.


Today of course, at least in Western culture, the Foo/Fu dogs are typically used as pieces of decor, which brings us back to these Adler lamps. They are just the right size for bedside lamps at about 22″ high. The shade is just ok, as are most shades that come with lamps. I will think about upgrading it to a heavier quality black shade. But all in all it, and especially for the price, the quality is very good.


Don’t think of these lamps, or Foo dogs in general, as just Asian decor. The Adler lamp is a very stylized and modern looking Fu dog, which really helps bring it into the Western design sense. In fact, many of the Foo dogs you see in the stores and shops today are of this modern style. They do not have the same ancient feel as the ones you would see in a museum or temple, but they will add just enough of that far east feeling to make your room seem unique!


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