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I was going to call this post Stool Sample, but I couldn’t bring myself to write that as a headline. Stools, particularly wooden stools, have been around since the earliest human sat down in the woods on a fallen tree. Usually when I think of a stump stool I picture some cabin in the woods, surrounded by flannel blankets and hunting gear, where some old man is sitting on an old tree stump he hauled in from the forest. He’s not using it for the aesthetic style as much as he is for the pure function. A simple round base with a flat top for him to rest his legs while he guts fish, or whittles pipes, or whatever camping folk do these days. Maybe he just sits there while he’s on his iPad, who knows.

Now there are thousands of styles of stools available today made from countless varieties of material. Sure there’s wood (natural and man-made), plastic, acrylic, metal, leather, cotton, ceramic, hell even bean bag style stools, but what can really make a statement today are these stump stools. It’s odd to see them out of their natural environment, or at least out of the cabins, but adding these little seating elements to your home can make for a great conversation piece as well as a functional stool or table.

Take a look at a few I found today:

This one is available from West Elm for $199. It’s a very natural color wood, because it is natural, and is a perfect height to serve as both a side table or stool at 19″ high X 12.5″ wide. Place this in front of a sofa or next to a chair, maybe even in the corner as a lamp table or in your entry way as a place to throw your keys and mail when you walk in the house, or sit down to put your shoes on before you go out.




Here’s an option from KALON STUDIOS starting at $85 for the small size (8.5″ wide X 12″ high) and $350 for the large (12″ wide X 17″ high). Made of maple or ash depending on availability and then dried and sanded to keep it’s natural color and tone, these are some pretty sleek looking stools. They kind of look like big teeth to me, but that adds to their cool factor! Check out the rest of the Kalon Studios website for some more really cool wooden furniture.






Lastly there’s this molten silver looking stool available from Amazon for $325. This is definitely my favorite of the three. The stool measures 20″ X 18″ and is cast from a real log then manufactured in resin and hand finished in silver-leaf. Sounds very expensive, and it certainly isn’t cheap, but I still think it’s a good deal at this price. The silver leafing provides a real modern feel to the stump, yet the natural texture makes it still seem very organic.




So as you can see from the three examples above, a tree stump can be so much more than a place to gut your fish!

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