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I stumbled on this really cool site called White Faux Taxidermy recently. I know what you’re thinking — taxidermy? Really? The key word is actually Faux, not taxidermy. Basically they sell resin sculptures made to look ultra realistic, here’s some info about how it’s done:

Resin Animal Heads Are Artwork, Not Stuffed
Resin animal heads do not have any actual animal parts. Rather, they are handcrafted artistic pieces that are made to look like animal head mounts. These modernistic taxidermy specimens do not involve a carcass. . . . These mounts are crafted using detailed photos and measurements of an animal. (Sometimes the animal is stored and then released after measuring and photography; sometimes the creator simply acquires the photos and specifications). From that point, the faux taxidermist creates a resin or fiberglass sculpture of the chosen animal, whether that is a deer, a bear or an elephant.


They make a wide variety of animals available in many different colors and finishes. And best of all they are very affordable. For example, a small bear head starts at just $30 and the larger one is only $95. Cruise around their website to see exactly what they have, it’s time well spent. These are great alternatives to the $500+ pieces professional decorators routinely use in their work. They have some ‘serious’ sculptures as well as some more fun and playful ones. And remember, these heads can hang anywhere from your dining room walls to above little Billy’s toy box, so be sure to check them all out!

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