Bar None!

How about a drink? Bar carts used to be quite fashionable back in the day, but fell out of favor  in the later part of the last century. Luckily they’re making a come back, and with good reason. Who doesn’t like a good drink once in a while? And you’re more likely to have that drink, and a little fun, if your spirits are in a more accessible place. Here are three choices from most to least expensive, each with it’s own little style and twist.



Available from West Elm this mirrored Art Deco inspired cart has ample room to store the good stuff. The cart is now on sale for $339, but it’s worth it for the glamorous feeling you’ll get from mixing a martini over this classy piece of decor. Think Don Draper.



Available from Target for the small some of $130 is this Threshold Wood and Brass Finish Bar Cart. This cart is a bit trendier with a gold looking brass finish. In fact Target has a whole line to go along with this style in their Entertaining Collection.


Check out some of the other great bargains they have to go along with the cart like this Decanter (above) for only $15.


Finally, the one of the most affordable options I found was this Chrome Bar Cart from for $110. While it’s not my favorite option, it is perfect for those on a budget or short on space. The cart might only fit a bottle or two and a couple of glasses, but hey, It’s perfect for those of us who like to drink alone!

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