Danish anyone?

Recently I saw a pair of danish modern ‘Z’ chairs on an estate sale website (see the image below) and began thinking about this timeless design.


As of late Danish modern furniture has become very popular. I see chairs like this in virtually every magazine and interior design book I pick up lately, and with good reason. Their classic design is both modern and retro. They are usually very well built, easy to reupholster, and come in several types of wood and colors, making these chairs highly compatible with any home decor.

It wasn’t so long ago that if you saw Danish Mod furniture in someone’s home you’d think it’s time for a makeover. But times have changed, and like fashion, interior design is somewhat cyclical.

The good news is many pieces of Danish furniture can still be had at a pretty low cost. I recently picked up a teak Gunlocke chair (see image below) at a flea market for less than $50. The chair is in great shape, still as sturdy as the day it was built!


And if you can’t find the right chair for you at the local flea market or consignment shop, a quick search on eBay┬áreveals tons of affordable options. Sure, there’s some high price seating in here as well, but mixed in are a lot of great bargain chairs!

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