Otto, Man. And I don’t mean the bus driver!

Ottomans have been around for hundreds of years, long before Dick Van Dyke started tripping over them (Dick Van WHO?).


Of course the Turks were using these comfy yet utilitarian pieces of furniture for hundreds of years, but it wasn’t until they made their way to Europe that their popularity grew.
And today almost every home (well maybe not every home) has some sort of ottoman or foot stool plopped in front of their couch.

The thing I don’t like about many of the ottomans I see today is that they are part of a set. Someone buys the sofa, love seat, and ottoman all at once. The same fabric, same style same everything. It’s like having Vanilla ice-cream when there’s a box of Oreos sitting right next to it. In other words, mix it up! Add those cookies to your ice cream and add some color/texture/style to your living room furniture via the ottoman.

And don’t forget, often times your ottoman can pull double duty as a coffee table too.

Here’s a few I’ve found that can work nicely almost anywhere.

This is a colorful and contemporary option from TARGET. It’s a bit pricier than I’d like at $225, but still worth it for this stylish yet casual piece.


This one is a bit funky from OVERSTOCK (on sale for $194), but could be really cool in the right home. The cow hide pattern and texture adds a bit of fun and playfulness to what could  otherwise be a very serious room.


If silver and gold is your thing check these two out. Also from they are priced great at about $64 and $67 each. Think about getting 2 or more of these in place of one larger ottoman or table. They are also available in a host of other colors, so try mixing and matching. See the links below for more details.






Here is an option for those of you who are in to leather (wink wink)! Well…pleather anyway. This is available at for $223. It’s got a great color to it and a slightly stressed leather look which softens it up a bit.



One Kings Lane has this affordable blue spotted ottoman for $129.


This is a nice chevron pattern ottoman in orange from 55 Downing Street for $150.



Also at 55 Downing Street is this black tufted ottoman for $250. Probably my most favorite out of all of them, a bit more expensive but very elegant and trendy looking.
Also it is fairly large at 35″ square.


So next time you sit down on your couch and go to kick up your feet,
think about what you’re stepping on!

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