The REAL American Living Room

I was watching Modern Family recently and noticed how well designed their sets are. Very modern (duh!) and trendy, as well as comfortable and not too over powering etc etc etc. Then I began wondering about TV shows from the past and their said, or sad depending on the show, living rooms.

That brought me to do some searching around to see how sets have changed, and to a similar extent, stayed the same.

One thing with television is that the camera can only get a straight on view, for the most part. This of course leads to the basic TV living room set up, which truly isn’t that far off from most of our own homes:

1. Couch centered facing out toward camera.

2. Coffee table in front of that.

3. Chair(s) on either side.

4. Usually a set of stairs off in the background.

5. And most of the time there is an ‘imaginary’ tv set that lives in front of it all.

Of all these elements the one that I find the most odd is the staircase? I guess no one lived in a ranch house (except for the Golden Girls…I guess)? Hell, even the people that lived in apartments on TV had SOME stairs (see Three’s Company below). But, I guess people need to enter the scene from somewhere. I’m Just not sure why stairs make for a better entrance than a doorway?

In any case, here are a few of my favorites. I will follow this post up with a sort of ‘cherry picking’ of each living room. I’ll try to take different pieces of furniture and decor and find it’s modern day counterpart, be it similar or completely opposite. Enjoy!


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