dog-ear [dawg-eer, dog-] noun
1.¬†(in a book) a corner of a page folded over like a dog’s ear,
as by careless use, or to mark a place.

The goal of Dog Ear is to inspire people to rethink their own living space. Dog Ear will be a jumping board for you to apply what professional decorators already know, but in a more reachable, practical, and useable manner. But MOST importantly, I will show you how to do this in a very affordable way!

Dog Ear Decor comes from the idea that great interior design can be made accessible to the average home. One does not have to spend $6,000 on a sofa or $1,500 on a lamp to make a room look and feel stylish. More often than not a little research and leg-work can produce a similar sofa and lamp for a fraction of that price!

Think of Dog Ear Decor as your bookmark to interior design inspiration!








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